Utefem syrup is a herbal uterine syrup recommended for the management of uterine disorder. Utefem regularizes endogenous hormonal secretion, corrects the cyclical rhythm and offers relief from symptoms of dysfunctional uterine bleeding.

Utefem Syrup -200ml

  • Herbal Uterine Tonic.

    Packing    100, 200ml

    Ingredients: Ashoka, Lodhra, Shatavar, Punarnava, Trifla, Trikatu, Giloy, Babool, Dashmool,
    Anantmool, Shilajeet, Etc.


    1 - Premenstrual Syndrome

    2 - Dysmenorrhea

    3 - Menstrual irregularities

    4 - Back & pelvic pain

    5 - Irritation

    6 - General weakness

    7 - Anemia

    Dosage: 10 to 15 ml twice a day, or as directed by the physician.

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