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Smritimangal capsules is an herbal memory booster, which enhance memory & improve learning capacity. It is specially used to improve memory skills for students & keeps them alert & sharp. Smritimangal Capsule is a perfect combination of nature's most researched and potent brain boosting, memory enhancing, memory enhancing, and focus powered ingredients.

Smritimangal Capsule - Ayurvedic Medicine for Memory Booster

  • Herbal Memory Tonic.

    Packing   1*60

    Ingredients: Smritisagar Ras, Shankpushpi Ext, Brahmi Ext, Ashwagandha Ext, Malkangni Ext,
    Kurasaniajwayan Ext, Vach Ext, Mulethi Ext, Amla Ext, Etc.


    1 - Weak grasping power

    2 - Weak memory

    3 - Mental fatigue

    4 - Stress & anxiety

    5 - Memory & learning disorder

    6 - Senile dementia

    7 - As an adjuvant in Alzheimer’s, As an adjuvant in Epilepsy

    8 - Poor concentration

    Dosage: 1 capsule twice a day or as directed by physician.

    #causes_of_lack_of_concentration_in_students, #activity_for_meditation,  #meditation_activities, #weak_memory, #memory_loss_in_older_person, #Irritation. 

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