Shishumangal is a calming and deep nourishing baby massage oil created from several Ayurvedic ingredients. Shishumangal Baby massage oil is crafted to strengthen bones and muscles of the baby and to improve the blood circulation. Shishumangal Baby Massage Oil helps the baby to have a good sleep.

Shishumangal Baby Oil - 100ml

  • Baby Massage Oil.

    Packing   100ml


    • Strengthens bones and muscles

    • Improve blood circulation

    • Give baby a good sleep

    • Nourishes baby skin.

    Ingredients: Ashwagandha, Shatavar, Shankhpushpi, Lal Chandan, Urad, Bala, Dashmool, Punarnava, Devdar, Etc.

    #Strengthen_your_baby_muscles_and_bones, #Soften's_baby_skin.