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Pyrem Tablet is prescribed for persons dealing with fever, Chronic Fever, Intermittent Fever, Cough and Cold. Pyrem Tablet is a perfect combination of nature's most researched and potent ingredients used to treat all kind of Fever's, Common Cold and Cough such as Tribhuvan kirti rams, Mahasudarshan churna, Giloy Ext, Godanti bhasm etc.

Pyrem Tablet - Ayurvedic & Herbal Anti-Pyretic (Fever) Medicine

  • Herbal Tablet for all kind of fevers.

    Packing   10*10 capsules


    • Fever

    • Chronic Fever

    • Intermittent Fever

    • Common Cold, Etc.

    Ingredients: Tribhuvan kirti ras, Mahasudarshan churna, Giloy Ext., Godanti bhasm, Haldi Ext., Saptaparni Ext., Latakaranj, Etc. 

    #fever_medicine, #chronic_fever_ayurvedic_medicine, #intermittent_fever_symptoms.

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