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Obena Syrup is an ayurvedic formula that helps in burning  fats and accelerates the metabolism and helps in the slimming  process. Obena Syrup helps to increase metabolisms & control excessive eating & craving  helps to toxin removal, Burn fats & Energy booster, Safe weight loss.

Obena Syrup 200ml - Ayurvedic Medicine for Weight Loss & Obesity

  • Herbal Syrup for obesity.

    Packing   200ml


    • Excess Fat

    • Raised Lipid Profile

    • Fat Associated with Thyroid

    Ingredients: Mooli, Shilajeet, Tulsi, Loki, Kali Jeeri, Apamarg, Punarnava, Gokharu, Sanay, Palash

    #Excess_fat, #Raised_lipid_profile, #fat_associated_with_thyroid.

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