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Musligem capsules is an ayurvedic herbal formulation, which acts as a stimulant and revitalize for both male and female. Musligem capsule is combination of herbs, which are helpful in arousing sexual desire, and diminishing sexual weakness without any know side effects. Agron Musligem is powerful remedy in sexual weakness, fatigue, stress, generalized weakness, asthma, allergy, diabetes, diabetic neuropathy, urinary disorders and loss of immunity.

Musligem Capsule - Ayurvedic Medicine for Sexual Weakness

  • Herbal Sex Booster capsules.

    Packing   60 capsules

    Ingredients: Makardhwaj, Trivang Bhasm, Safed musali Ext, Shatavar Ext, Ashwagandha Ext, Gokharu Ext, Shilajeet Ext, Vidarikand Ext, Javitri, Jaiphal, Kavanch, Beejband, Etc.


    1 - Sexual weakness

    2 - Vaginal dryness

    3 - Fatigue 

    4 - Loss of libido

    5 - Premature ejaculation

    6 - Vigour and Vitality

    Dosage: 1 capsule twice a day with lukewarm milk , or as directed by physician.

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