Madhumangal helps provide long lasting and optimum control of blood sugar level.Madhumangal Granules helps relieve associated symptoms such as polyurea,polydypsia, etc.

Madhumangal Granules

  • Packing - 100 gm

    Ingredients: Trivang Bhasm, Shuddh shilajeet, Jamun Ext, Gudmaar Ext, Methi Ext, Karela Ext, Vijaysaar Ext, Babool Ext, Haldi Ext, Amla Ext, Etc


    1 - Control blood sugar level

    2 - Type -2 diabetes

    3 - As an adjuvant in type 1 diabete.

    4 - Relieve frequent urination, excessive thirst, dryness of mouth

    5 - Increases the activity of enzymes responsible for glucose absorption

    Dosage: 3 to 5 gm twice a day, or as directed by physician.