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Lipiherb is an ayurvedic medicine to normalize cholesterol level & to maintain healthy cardiovascular functions. Lipiherb capsule useful in prevention & treatment of raised lipid levels and their complications.

Lipiherb Capsule - Ayurvedic Medicine to Control Lipid

  • Control cholesterol level, improve heart health.

    Packing   60capsules


    Arjun Ext, Lahsun Ext, Tulsi Ext, Guggulu Ext, Apamarg Ext, Shalmali Ext, ShuddhShilajeet, Methi Ext, Etc.  


    1 - Hypercholestromia

    2 - Dislipidemia

    3 - Hyperlipidemia

    4 - Cholesterol

    5 - Control Blood Pressure

    6 - Increase HDL level in Blood

    Dosage: 1 Capsules twice daily, or as directed by the physician.

    #Cholestrol_control,  #Reduces_fat,  #heart_disorders_symptoms,  #coronary_artery_disease_symptoms.

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