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Leukarog Forte tablets are formed using nature’s most researched herbs used in the treatment of leucorrhea and menstruation associated problems. Agron’s Leukarog Forte tablets are used in treatment of Irregular menstruation and is 100% herbal having zero percent of side effects

Leukorag Forte Tablet - Ayurvedic Medicine for Likoria

  • Ayurvedic Tablet for Leucorrhoea.

    Packing      6*10 tablets

    Ingredients: KukkutandtwakBhasm, Mukta shuktiBhasm, MandoorBhasm, LohBhasm,TrivangBhasm, Hirabol Ext, ShuddhShilajeet Ext, Lodhra Ext, Giloy Ext,Shatavar Ext, Ashwagandha Ext, Chaulayee Ext, Ulatkambal, Devdar, Etc.


    1 - Leucorrhoea

    2 - Leucorrhoea associated with PID

    3 - Anti Fungal

    4 - Excessive vaginal discharge

    5 - Abdominal pain & low backache

    Dosage: 1 Tablet twice a day, or as directed by physician.

    For better result use Leukorag Forte tablet with Leukorag syrup

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