Lahsun Capsules are known for lowering the cholesterol level and blood pressure in humans. Processed under utmost hygienic condition using quality ingredients, these capsules are effective in destroying viruses and bacteria in the body that might create some sort of infection.

Lahsun Capsule

  • Natural Single Herbs Capsule.

    Packing   60capsules

    Ingredients:  Lahsun Ext. and Lahsun powder. 

    Benefits of Agron Lahsun Capsules:

    •        Reduces the risk of blood clotting

    •        Regulates stomach functions

    •        Improves blood circulation

    •        Lowers total Cholesterol

    •        Lowers blood pressure

    •        Destroys infection causing viruses and bacteria

     Dosage: one capsule two times daily or as directed by physician..

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