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Keshmangal Capsule - Ayurvedic & Herbal Capsules for Natural Hair Growth

Keshmangal Capsule is an ayurvedic product for hair health. It is a complete ayurvedic  formula, which is prepared using selected herbs found in the nature. According to Ayurvedic  texts these herbs works as Sanjeevani for hair strands. Keshmangal capsule not only helps in protecting and nourishing the hair but also prevents premature graying, dandruff, hair fall, split hair and checks loss of

hair, sleeplessness and headache.

Keshmangal Capsule - Ayurvedic & Herbal Capsules for Natural Hair Growth

  • Herbal Capsule for Hair.

    Packing     3*10capsules

    Benefits - 

    Premature hair loss

    premature hair greying

    prevent hair dandruff and dryness

    split hair

    strengthen hair roots

    growth hair

    Ingredients - 

    Amla Ext.(Emblica officinalls) Fr. 75mg., Bhringraj Ext. (Eclipta alba) Wp. 50mg ., Shankpushp Ext. (Convolvulus)Pluricaulis)Wp. 50mg Neem Ext. (Azadiracta Indica)Sd. 25mg., Manjistha Ext. (Rubia Codifolia) Rt.25mg., Jatamansi Ext. (Nardostachys jatamansi)Rz.50mg,.Mulethi Ext. (Glycyrrhiza glabra ) Rt.50mg ., Ashwangandha Ext.(Withania Somnifera)Rt. 25 mg ., Bhuiamla Ext. (Phyllanthus Niruri)Wp.25mg., Vach Ext. (Acoruscalamus) Rz. 25mg., Bala Ext. (Sida Cordifolia)Rt. 20 mg .,Daruhaldi Ext. ( Berberis Aristata) St. 20mg .,Brahmi Ext. (Centella Asiatics) Wp.25mg., Abhrak Bhasm 25mg mandoor Bhasm 20mg.,Kais Bhasm 5mg.

    Dosage -  One capsules twice a day after meals with water.


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