Hridaymangal is a complete ayurvedic heart tonic, which strong then heart & arteries vein. Hridaymangal Syrup strengthen the heart muscles and improve the functions of heart.

Hridaymangal Syrup - 100ml

  • Supports healthy blood flow, control lipid level, for a healthy heart.

    Packing   100, 300ml


    Sangeyshav Bhasm, Akik pishtee, Arjun, Shuddh shilajeet, Lahsun, Punarnava,Haldi, Pushkermool, Etc.


    1 - Heart palpitation

    2 - Hypertension

    3 - Hyperlipidemia

    4 - Chest pain

    5 - As an adjuvant in the therapy of angina, and in patients with cardiac risk factor

    Dosage: 15 to 30 ml once or two time in a day , or as directed by the physician.

      For better result used Hridaymangal capsule with Hridaymangal syrup.