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Brestogain is a herbal capsules for the development & maintance of female breasts. Brestogain capsule improve the size, maintain tightness and gives firmity to the breast.

Brestogain Capsule - Ayurvedic Medicine for Breast Gain

  • Herbal breast enlargement capsule.

    Packing    9*10 capsules

    Ingredients: Shatavar Ext, Vidarikand Ext, Varahikand Ext, Safed musali Ext, Lodhra Ext,Bargad Ext, Gambhari Ext, Mulethi, Bala, Chharila, Daruhaldi, Etc.


    1 - Strengthens breast muscles

    2 - Prevent sagging of breasts

    3 - Growth of breast

    4 - For Firm & Shapier breasts

    5 - Makes body attractive

    Dosage: 1 capsule thrice daily or as directed by the physician

    For Better Result use Brestogain Cream with capsule.

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